Think Like a Product Manager

Learn end-to-end product management. Learn frameworks & design your own product.


The online workshop to help you prepare for dream role

What you'll learn:

  • Learn end-to-end product management. From Ideation to PRD to Wireframing to Analytics to Go-to-market. Everything Product!
  • Learn by Doing! Pick a product of your choice and design the product roadmap from ideation to launch. Get live feedback & improve!
  • Discover the frameworks designed by best product leaders that enabled them create worldclass products.
  • 5 modules. 6 sessions. Each focussed on one hard skill for product manager.
  • Understand the users, write user stories, and convert them to product features.
  • Write your own PRD. Design your wireframes & understand what goes on inside customer's mind while interating with your product.
  • Visualize the product and design the go-to-market strategy that fits best for your product.
  • Hard Skills: Designing product vision, Writing PRD, Creating Wireframes, Product Analytics, Go-To-Market strategies
  • Soft Skills: Communication, Ownership, Leadership, Negotiation, Discussion, Pursuations

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How it is different form other courses?

WePrepare Workshop is a Space

  • To learn, discuss and DO
  • Learn to become a leader
  • Learn the fundamentals and apply them
  • Develop into a product manager

Who this course is for:

  • Recent Graduate who thinks about becoming a Product Manager
  • Career Switcher who wants to break into tech industry
  • Tech Professional who wants to transition into Product Management from Software Development, Marketing or Customer Support
  • Product Manager who wants to advance in their career, learn new skills and get a raise
  • ​Startup Founder who wants to create a product that users will be obsessed with

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But how exactly do you get into the PM?

There wasn't any defined path to learning Product Management & there was no defined scope

Most Product Managers landed into the field by chance.

The ambiguity stops here - we'll get you to learn skills you need as a Product Manager AND build end-to-end product management capabilities.

This is where we come in. We have developed modules and assignments to show you what you need to know and what you have to do - all prepared by experienced Product Managements

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