9 super hacks to start your career in Product Management

Want to start your career in product management and looking for what to do? A product manager is a competitive position these days with more and more people flocking to become one. Most people think that getting the job of a product manager is very difficult. But the truth is being a product manager is quite easy.

There are certain steps that can make your landing as a product manager smooth and easy. So let us take a look at some of these steps that can help fulfill your dream of being a PM.

Understand your responsibility as a PM:

In your journey to become a product manager the first step that counts is your understanding regarding the duties and responsibilities you will undertake as a PM. Try to identify the skills that you already and focus on those areas which require improvement.

Make use of a product management competency framework. This a document that will help you to access yourself identifying your strengths and weaknesses. This will be greatly useful to you especially if you have no prior experience in the field of product management. 

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Invest to make your self better :

If you truly aspire to become a product manager make sure to invest your time and money to learn more about product management. Try taking up certificate courses in product management. Such courses are very helpful to boost your resume. Apart from this having expert knowledge in your field will make your job as a product manager easier and stress-free. Here are some of the certificate courses you can undertake

Expand your Network :

Discover all events related to product management happening near you. Taking part in such events help you realize being a product manager is ideal for you. Join online communities and work along with them. This gives you a better understanding of your daily duties and responsibilities as a product manager. If there are no product management communities near you why not start one of your own? Taking initiative will definitely help you start your career in product management.

Find a Mentor :

If you already have prior experience in the field of product management well and good. But if you are a fresher in the field be sure to make use of these tips.

  • Create a LinkedIn profile and see if you can get an appointment with a PM near your location.
  • With a few clicks you can come across a lot of people who are from the field of product management and thereby connect with them.
  • Make sure to connect with those friends who are from companies that you aim to work for.

Make sure to inform them your aspirations to become a PM and listen to their story regarding how they got into the field of product management. This will help you start your career in product management.

Refer Books:

Always make it a point to read. Read books on product management which will help you to understand your future role as a product manager. These books will teach you the breadth of tasks that you will undertake as a product manager from product definition to sales tools , pricing, sales, customers etc . Books on product management can help you in developing skills like leadership, strategic thinking , prioritization and all other skills that you should have as a product manager.

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Proper Research:

Before attending any interview make sure you have done proper research on the company , its competitors , the companies expectations from it’s employees etc. This will help you stand out from other applicants. Apart from this be aware of the new trends followed in market. 

Maintain and follow other Blogs :

If you are into blogging then having a tech blog of your own is very useful. Write about the products you use. Try answering questions like what makes the product valuable, what are the benefits of using the product etc. Answering questions in Quora can also be helpful to you .

Many founders and hiring managers rely on such sites. So if your articles are well researched maybe your chances to get hired can improve. Following blogs related to product management will also be helpful to you to understand what is happening in the market.

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Take up Side Projects:

If you have just entered into the field of product management its difficult to directly get into the role of a product manager. So first target smaller companies or start ups because such organisations are open to take up candidates who have no prior experience.

Make use of the opportunity and work hard and take up small projects offered by such companies. Working in smaller companies demands more work time and energy but such opportunities can help you grow in your field.

Prepare and Apply for Interviews:

This is the final step that takes you to your aim of being a PM. Make sure to keep an eye on all job vacancies for a product manager. When you find a relevant one do apply for the post. But before appearing for the interview make sure that you are thorough with the interview process followed in the company you applied for.

So make sure to follow these steps on your journey to become a product manager. You might face a lot of challenges and ups and downs . But never give up. Eventually success will be on your side.

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