40+ Top Product Manager Interview Questions

Looking for some product manager interview questions to prepare for your next interview?

Before attending a product manager interview it’s always good that you are well prepared. So here is a list of  questions that you expect to be asked in a product manager interview. So better be prepared as soon as possible.

List of Product Manager Interview Questions :

 Product Questions: Biggest portion of product manager interview

  1. How will you prioritize resources when you have 2 tasks to do but cannot do them together?
  2. Describe a situation that will require you to say a ‘No’ to an idea.
  3. How will decide what product is to be developed and what is not to be developed?
  4. Mention a product you use daily and give some suggestions to improve it 
  5. How can you make sure that a product is well designed? 
  6. How will you redesign a product when asked to?
  7. How will you persuade customers to buy our products?
  8. What is an improvement that you would bring to our product in the next 6 months?
  9. According to you, what makes our product successful?
  10. How can you make sure a product launch has been successful?
  11. How do you develop a product strategy?
  12. Who do you think is our competitors? 
  13. How will describe the features of our product to a customer?
  14. What do you think is a drawback for our product? 
  15. Name some products of ours that you use? 

Technical Questions:

  1. What do you think is the importance of the engineering and technical teams in the making of a product?
  2. Can you give an example of a situation where the technical solution you and your teammates later became a commercial product?
  3. How will you describe the technical challenges to the market-orientated teams?
  4. Our engineering team uses X methodology. What is your opinion about this?
  5. Are you aware of the systems we use here?  Can you explain these systems?
  6. How do you rate yourself in technical knowledge?
  7. Describe a method you will use to solve a technical error
  8. How experienced are you in the technical side of the business?

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Analytical questions

  1. How many iPad’s are sold in America each year?
  2. _______ metric has gone down. How will you determine the cause for this?
  3. How would you measure the success of Instagram likes?
  4. Calculate the number of queries answered in Quora in  1 min
  5. How would you increase the number of users for Facebook? 

Leadership quality Questions:

  1. What are the best ways to talk to customers?
  2. What kind of people do you like to work with?
  3. What kind of people do you find difficult to work with?
  4. When a crisis occurs how will you solve it?  
  5. How frequently do you contact your team?
  6. Have you often disagree with your teammates? How was it solved?
  7. How do you describe your leadership skills?
  8. How do you motivate your teammates?

General Questions:

  1. Tell us about yourself
  2. How did you get to know about this internship
  3. Why are you interested in taking this job?
  4. What do you expect from this job?
  5. What are your career goals?

Make use of these questions to get prepared for the interview. But remember no matter how well prepared you are there will be unexpected questions. So get ready and nail the interview.