5 things Great Product Managers do on a Daily Basis

‘What do product managers do on a daily basis?’ This is a common but difficult question that you can come across once you take up the role of a product manager.

As a product manager, you are expected to work as multiple roles a single day. Several factors like the type of company, the type of products, etc also affect your role as a product manager.

This article focuses on the duties that you will have to fulfill as a product manager on a daily basis. 

The typical tasks that a product manager does on a daily basis include:

  • Identification of Customers needs
  • Deciding on what to build
  • Working  with the team along with the road map
  • Launch and Delivery of the product
  • Constantly Encouraging the team 

Though the responsibilities will differ basis the company you’re getting into such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft. Each have different roles and responsibilites.

  • Identification of Customer’s needs:

The main duty you should perform as a product manager is identifying what your customers really want. A proper knowledge on customer needs will help you to design the product accordingly. For this you should read the incoming feedbacks from customers, team mates etc. Identify the common trend seen in the feedback and discuss this with your team mates. In this stage you are also supposed to come up with solutions for a constant issue mentioned in the feedback’s.

  • Deciding on what to build :

Once you get to know your customers needs you can think of building a product that satisfies the customers expectations. Along with feed back from customers  you should be aware of your competitors, update yourself with al technological advancements which affects the company’s workflow etc . This is the stage where you have to decide on features that the engineering team should work on. 

  • Working along with the team 

As a product manager the fate of a product is in your hands. Whatever decisions you take will impact everyone in the company. So from the beginning itself you should make sure that everyone in the team has a common vision. Share the  outline of the product with your team mates. Explain to the sales team regarding the features of the new product so that they are ready to answer support queries. Its also necessary to make calls with potential customers so as to renew the contracts. 

  • Launch and Delivering of the Product 

Once a product is worth building  then it goes into delivery. Delivery is all about building and selling the product. In this stage you will have to meet with the designer to finalize the design. Its necessary to communicate with the marketing team too so that the marketing strategies are finalized. Make sure that your product is legally safe. After launching the product continuously analyse how the customers are responding to the new product. 

  • Encourage the Team: 

Throughout your job as a product manager one thing that you have to do constantly is boost the morale of your team mates. Work along with your team and ensure constant support. You will have to solve issues as soon as possible and always take in the suggestions of all teammates. 

So taking up the job of a product manager is not something very easy. A single day you will have to take up multiple tasks and roles but above are the key actions product managers do on a daily basis. So if you aspire to become a product manager have proper knowledge of your duties and take forward your journey.

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