6 differences between good and great product managers

How do you become a great product manager? How can you move up and what are the key differences between good and great product managers?

Anyone who takes up the role of a product manager wants to excel in their career. But mostly you get stuck somewhere in the middle not so bad to be fired nor too good to continuously grow. So It’s necessary that you understand what differentiates a top product manager from a mediocre product manager.

An expert product manager excels in all of the areas mentioned below:

Thinks Big :

An expert product manager will never be constrained to think big even if the resources are limited. They will try maximum to make use of the available resources and plan strategies according. They always have a big vision and their talent is actually in coming up with complex ideas. Then simplifying and communicating it to people so that it becomes easy for customers to access the product. They will always have a thorough image of the target market, target audience , competitors etc . But a mediocre product manager will be expert in any one area but average in the others.

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  The communication skills of an expert PM will be very good and powerful. He(s) will be able to  convey  a message to the team mates as well as the customers clearly. They make use of data properly. Using his /her communication skills an expert PM will be able to increase sales.

They simplify concepts and translate them to the customers so that they gain interest in a particular product. But a mediocre PM  whose communication skills are not so sharp may not always be able to handle certain situations which requires public interaction.


An expert PM is always aware about which idea or plan he should give more importance. He(s) can quickly identify the highs and lows of using a particular idea for building a product. Such a PM will also be aware regarding projects that can result in instant growth of the company and projects that will take time to produce results. So accordingly the PM can categorize the projects. 


A expert PM always executes a project without a second thought if the project assures 100% success. Whatever the risks are he(s) makes sure that the project is implemented. They may have previous experiences of facing failure but this doesn’t make them fear failures.

They take higher risks and bets than any others. But a mediocre product manager may continue from one success to next but at times might back out from certain projects that involves risks and challenges.

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An expert product manager will always be able to wear many hats. They carry forward everything smoothly. They guide content direction , guide the engineering team ,work along with the team, interact with customers etc. They understand and communicate   the product vision and makes clear how it benefits the company. They pay equal attention to all areas and make sure that all tasks are completed in each area. On the other hand a product manager who is not an expert will never be able to take up several tasks together.


When it comes to exhibiting leadership skills an expert PM will always be a best leader. They will be ready to assist their team mates anywhere at anytime. They make everyone around them better using their leadership skills. They constantly inspire people around them to think innovatively and creatively. In fact a great PM builds relationship with co workers which remains strong  with a sense of respect and trust.

So if you take up the role of a product manager always try to be best in your career. This is what you will have to do as a product manager. Make sure you completely understand your duties and fulfill them always.

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