7 Qualities that make Good B2B Product Manager!

How do you become a great B2B Product manager? What are the qualities of a good B2B Product Manager?

When you take up the role of a product manager it is necessary that you fulfill your duties most efficiently. If your plan is to take up the job of a B2B product manager make sure you train yourself with the qualities that are required for the role.

Only then you will be able to excel in your job. So given below are certain qualities that you can familiarise yourself with to become a great B2B product manager.

Clear understanding of the Product or Service:

Whether your company is a small start up or a large organization , as a product manager you should be thoroughly understand the product or service you provide. Since your job as a product manager is to create a product roadmap, plan strategies and execute them effectively it is necessary that you have proper knowledge regarding what your company actually provides to its customers.

As a B2B product manager, you should have a deep knowledge about your industry, market, and competitors.  By doing so you will have a clear vision regarding how to meet the needs of your customers.

Understand your customers:

As a B2B product manager you should be aware of the customers needs and expectations with your product. Only then you will be able to make your product profitable. You will have to continuously interact with the sales team in order to gain the feedback from the users or customers. Knowledge regarding user experience is your way to success as well as being the voice of your customers.

Identify the primary responsibilities:

As a product manager your greatest responsibility is to create a product roadmap which includes all the features and ideas that the customers are waiting for. You should have a proper strategy which ultimately leads to the success of the product.

This strategy is what will result in growth. Another responsibility that you have as a B2B product manager is to study the market and identify your competitors. Conducting good research on your competitors will help you understand their weak points and those weak aspects should be the strongest ones in your product. You will have to control your cross-functional team throughout and make sure that all tasks are completed before deadlines.

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Equip yourself with skills required for Success:

If your aim is to become a successful B2B product manager it’s necessary that you master certain hard skills as well as soft skills. Hard skills are those technical skills you require to be effective in the position. Proper knowledge about the latest technologies, software’s etc is a must .

Along with such hard skills you should also be able to develop a positive relationship with your customers and stakeholders. Only if you maintain proper relations with them your business can thrive.


As a B2B product manager you will have to be in constant communication with the sales team, design team etc. You will have to guide them and along with that work with them. You should be a good leader, only then your team members will trust you and be ready to work along with you. One of the greatest tasks that you have as a leader is to encourage your team members and inspire them to work harder. You should also recognise and appreciate the good works done by your team mates. 

Strong Decision Making Skill:

As a product manager the responsibility of making decisions lies in your shoulders. You will have to take decisions on a daily basis based on the progress made. You will have to make critical decisions at times which involves risks and uncertainties. At the same time you should also be able to say ‘No’ to any wrong requests made. It’s necessary that you weigh the possible risks against the expected reward before making any decisions regarding any matter related to your product.

Anticipate Problems:

Identifying issues in prior and coming up with solutions is necessary as a product manager. Whether dealing with complex or simple issues make use of your analytical skills and try solving the problem step by step. You should have the mental toughness to deal with a problem until it is solved.

Fulfilling your duties and responsibilities as a product manager will result in the overall growth of your company. Make sure you are aware of your role as a product manager. This is what your duties will be as a product manager. Make sure you develop these qualities and thereby attain growth in your career.

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