8 Weekly Habits Of Great Product Managers

What are the key weekly habits of great product managers that enables them to drive change continuously? As a product manager, every day you work along with your team taking up the challenges involved in product development. Throughout your journey, there will be several setbacks and leaps made.

In your hectic journey as a product manager, there are certain habits you can adopt which will help you face each hurdle and take forward product development.

So given below are some tips that can help you face the challenges involved in product development.

Interact with your team:

Understand the fact that your team is the driving force behind the success of any product. The most important job you have as a product manager is to support them. Make sure to constantly interact with them you get to know the challenges , doubts etc they have.

This will help you understand how to help them and in turn, bring about an increase in the effort they put. Plan meeting sessions outside the office. Try to build a stronger relationship with your team members.

Spend time with customers :

As a product manager you will have to constantly interact with your customers. Only if you understand their needs you can develop the product accordingly. Understand the fact that you are the connection between your product, product team and the users. Make it a habit to talk to your customers about your product, competitors , their opinion on your product etc. Doing these on a regular basis and this will help make your product better.

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Study your product carefully :

Study your product thoroughly from all perspectives. Identify all its features in detail.  Getting a proper perspective of your product will help you to explain it’s features to customers. Great product managers will know their product inside out. Once you have a deep knowledge on your product it becomes easy for you and your team to work.

Read :

Always make it a point to read about your industry, check out other products, study the market, learn about new trends etc. Your office is not your entire universe. Devote at least half an hour every day to read an article, blog, etc related to product management. If you don’t have the time to read you can hear podcasts or watch videos on product management.

Spend time with engineering team:

Spending time with an engineer will help you visualize a problem from their perspective. Study what they do, discuss new ideas with them and ask them opinions . Talking with them can give you new opportunities which you might have missed earlier. If you are not a technical product manager definitely interact with an engineer to get a better knowledge on the technical aspects of product development.

Say ‘No’:

Being a product manager you will have to constantly say ‘No’ to the wrong requests made. You wont be able to fulfill the requests each and everyone in your team makes. You have to build a product that the customers would love, for this you will have to work according to the roadmap that has already been created. Avoid any idea that doesn’t align with the product strategy.

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Understand the fact that , there is always room for learning. So whenever you talk to designers , engineers , customers etc make sure your ears are open.  Encourage feedbacks and when you get them be grateful and make the necessary changes. Listening properly is a quality that truly makes you a good PM.

Give Credit

Whenever anyone in your team does a good work make it a point to recognise it. Share a congrats with everyone and celebrate small victories. This habit not only helps strengthening your relationship with team mates and helps them to work more efficiently. Make sure your team is valued, only then you will be able to earn the deserved respect.

So make sure you follow some of these weekly habits of great product managers. This can make your career as a product manager fruitful.

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