Become A Product Manager Without Any prior Experience?

Looking to become a Product Manager without any prior experience? This article is for you!

If you aspire to be a product manager even though you have no much industry experience never leave any opportunity to learn and take on the new role with full confidence in yourself.

Product managers are professionals who are responsible for the creation of each product beginning from its idea to its execution. There are several companies that hire product managers who have no prior industry experience. So never let your hope down and keep trying continuously. This article contains certain tips that will help you achieve your goal of being a product manager.

Understand Products:

If you are a fresher in the field of product management and you aim to become a product manager the first strategy that you should adopt is a conduct thorough research on the industry, market trends, competitors, etc. This will help you crack interviews easily.

Another thing that you can do is get familiar with the products of the company that you plan to work for. If you use a product as a customer you get to know its benefits and later this can help you when you start as a project manager because you will be able to think like a customer and design your products accordingly.

You should always remain updated regarding the goals of the company that you intend to work for. This will enable you think on new ideas regarding a product and its sales which can in turn be helpful to you during the interview.

Before going for an interview you should have complete knowledge regarding the current status of two to three competitor’s in your field. Identify and distinguish the features which make your company’s products unique.  It’s true that you gain knowledge from your own mistakes, achievements, etc.

Read Books, Blogs

But it’s also good to read books on project management and such books can be of great help to clear interviews.

If you are into blogging then having a tech blog of your own can be very useful. Write about the products you use. Try answering questions like what makes the product valuable, what are the benefits of using the product etc.

Read everything that helps you understand the process behind becoming Product Manager without any prior experience

Answering questions in Quora can also be helpful to you . Many founders and hiring managers rely on such sites. So if your articles are well researched maybe your chances to get hired can improve. 

Get internships:

Always make it a point to search for internships and take up such opportunities. Internships can be very useful and a relevant aspect of` your Resume. Internships are chances to get proper training on various aspects that will be important in the field of product management.

In fact Internships are opportunities that help you to understand what your duties would be when you take up the role of a product manager. So take up as many internships as possible.

Entered in Product management?

If you have just entered into the field of product management its difficult to directly get into the role of a product manager. So first target smaller companies or start ups because such organisations are open to take up candidates who have no prior experience. Make use of the opportunity and work hard and take up small projects offered by such companies. Working in smaller companies demands more work time and energy but such opportunities can help you grow in your field. 

Always give first preference to companies that are ready to hire fresher’s. The benefit is that you get a proper training for few months before you start your career as a product manager. You can also gain experience by associating yourself with product managers and other people on the product industry.

You can volunteer for product meetup’s and in this way you learn the trade. Make sure to keep track of the interview procedures followed by different companies especially the company you aim to work with. This will help you to get prepared in a better manner. 

Most importantly you should know what your role would be as a product manager. This is what a product manager does.

Lastly, be patient. Attending several interviews can be frustrating and tiring . But never give up your goal of being a product manager and keep on trying continuously. Hard work and patience will surely lead you to your dream of being a product manager. 

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