How To Ask For Feedback after rejection!

When you don’t get a job it’s natural that you think of getting a feedback from the company you applied for so that it helps you as an applicant to improve yourself and work more in order to prepare yourself for the future opportunities. So when you are informed that you have been rejected for […]

40+ Top Product Manager Interview Questions

Looking for some product manager interview questions to prepare for your next interview? Before attending a product manager interview it’s always good that you are well prepared. So here is a list of  questions that you expect to be asked in a product manager interview. So better be prepared as soon as possible. List of […]

Side Projects that helped get into product management career!

Side projects are the secret to land a job into product management. Start one! If your aim is to take up the job of a product manager it is necessary that you have the relevant skills and prior experience in the field of product management. For landing as a product manager apart from educational qualifications […]

Should A Product Manager Know How To Code?

Product Management School Interview

‘Should a product manager know how to code?’ This is a relevant question that you should think about if you a planning to take up the role of a product manager. While it’s not a mandatory requirement having knowledge in coding will be surely beneficial to you. The importance of your knowledge in coding depends […]

Top 5 inspirations to become a product manager!

Are you looking for inspirations to become a product manager? Here’re some! Today a good number of young people are aspired to become product managers. There are several aspects which attract them to this career. Some aspects that I find relevant are : Accepting challenges Many candidates take up the role of a product manager […]

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