How Can Product Managers Get More Feedback From The Team?

How do product managers get feedback from the team and improve? As a product manager, it is important that you collect feedback from your team members when needed.

Only then you will be able to work better together, improve your leadership qualities, and make sure issues are found out before they become a major threat. Here are some approaches that you can use to get effective feedback from your team.

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Have you asked for feedback recently?

Being a product manager have you asked for feedbacks recently? There is a great difference between thinking to get a feedback and actually asking for one. Only if you constantly ask for feedback your team mates will respond favourably. But this doesn’t mean asking ‘ Do you have any feedback regarding our product ‘. Instead ask them questions like :

  1.  What do you think are improvements necessary in our product?
  2. What are some of the features you think we should incorporate in our product?
  3. What do you have to say about the progress we have made till now?
  4. What are the problems you are facing at this phase of production?

By being specific , you make it easier for the team members to give you more information regarding your project. Collecting such feedback’s is more effective. When you shoot random questions the answers you get will also be random. This makes it hard for you to understand what is affecting your team members.

On the other hand if you ask the same question to all the members, you will get a clear understanding of the problems in front of you.

 Appreciate the feedback received:

Whenever you get feedback be grateful and take it as a gift. At least they showed the courtesy to give you the feedback so that the team can make improvements. Some feedbacks may include several negative comments, But don’t be offensive.

Actually feedbacks are useful only if it is true. So approach all feedbacks in a positive manner. When you get feedback make sure to read them with an open mind. If you do so your teammates will be more comfortable in providing feedback.

Convert The Feedbacks Into Actions:

After getting the feedbacks make it a point to discuss on them further. Work together and identify how to solve the issues mentioned in the feedback. Only when you take action based on the feedback given, the team members will feel that they are heard.

If you can solve the problem completely is not what matters. Talking about what can and cannot be done is crucial. Therefore, Product Managers Get More Feedback from the teams, they need to take actions as well.

Be an Example To Your Teammates :

As the leader of your team, everyone will be watching what you do. They will be curious to know if your actions truly meet what you say. So if you want to get feedback from your team, first be an example to them. Whenever possible give your teammates feedback regarding their performance. Praise them for their hard work. 

It is also important to manage the pressure and stress well in the job.

When a big problem rises make sure to communicate with the team and identify what went wrong. If you show that their feedbacks are valuable then the input you get from them also increases.

So always be sure to collect feedback from your teammate and bring about the necessary changes. With quality feedback, the quality of the product or service you provide becomes better.

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