How do great product managers think?

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Are you a product manager and looking for idea about how great product managers think? What makes them different?

Taking up the job of a  product manager is easy, but being a great product manager requires a lot of hard work. Apart from this, it’s really difficult to define what makes a product manager great. So given below are some qualities that you should definitely have if you want to excel as a product manager.

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Great PM’s Think Strategically:

A product manager is often considered a mini CEO of the company. He or she needs to understand  the product strategy and how it aligns with the strategy of the company. You should familiarise yourself with the needs of the customers, vision of your company and how your product can stand out from its competitors. Once you get this, you and your team mates will be able to clearly work along with the strategy.

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Great PM’s are Passionate about products:

As a product manager, you should love products. You have to respect the great products you make. Understand what makes customers love a product and what they actually expect from your product. If you are truly passionate about the products, then your team will also be equally passionate.

Great PM’s empathize with customers:

Being a product manager, it is necessary that you understand your customers completely. If you are working on a consumer product, make sure that you keep in mind the larger target audience. You should empathize with the customers and understand their needs.

Great PM’s Keeps The Score :

Keeping score means understanding the right metrics and knowing when you have won. Once you and your team get to know how to maintain scores, then it becomes easy to prioritize tasks. Great product managers think consistently in terms of numbers and stats.

Great PM’s have the ability to Prioritize :

One of the key responsibilities that you have is to prioritize tasks. When the scores are set and you get an idea how to win, work on prioritizing your tasks. Map out the product strategy to individual features and prioritise each feature in the right order. If you are able to do this, then the stakeholders and your team members will show trust in you.

Great PM’s are Good leaders:

Even though a product manager is the leader of the product, many members usually don’t report to you on time. So as a PM you should take up the task of getting feedbacks and communicating with the team members. But you should never be a dictatorial leader. You need to inspire others to follow you. You must make them aware of the strategies you adopt and how you expect them to work. All this together will make you a good leader and take your project forward.

At the end of the day you must make sure that every task is completed on time. So if you want to excel as a product manager make sure you imbibe these qualities.

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