How do you handle stress and pressure as a product manager?

As a product manager, Your life can be very hectic and stressful and to handle stress and pressure can be tricky. With all the deadlines, multitasking, preparing roadmaps, guiding the engineering team, etc its sure that stress will overtake you and result in complete burnout.

So it becomes necessary to stay away or rather manage stress and pressure. Here are some tips that will help you handle stress and pressure that constantly attacks you in your journey as a product manager.

Return back to your strategy: 

It is often observed that once you are filled with stress and tension you actually forget the original strategy that you were working on.  So in such a situation it becomes necessary to go back to your strategy and make sure that the strategy adopted takes you to the aim you have in mind.

Try to clearly understand what you are doing and why are you are doing something .Take time to evaluate and decide if your goals and objectives are still in balance with your overall strategy. Thereafter make sure to use the strategy and find out what has gone wrong.

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Find solution to one issue at a time :

It’s   a natural thing that you may face several issues or problems the same day. But this shouldn’t let your morale down and make you stressed and tensed. Instead you should try solving these issues taking them one by one. Find out which problem requires immediate solution. Try solving that problem first and then move on to those issues that requires less attention.

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Reset goals: 

 You might have started your work off with a certain long term goal in your mind, but if you find that the goal  you are trying to pursue is not taking you anywhere immediately rethink and set aside the goal for sometime. What becomes important here is to gain some quick wins that can help boost your confidence as well as your teams confidence. So establish some short term goals that can help you attain success immediately.

Prioritize :

As a product manager you should always be prepared to say no when wrong requests are made. As a team its obvious that different members will have different opinions or viewpoints regarding a single idea or features that goes into the making of a product. But as a product manager it’s on your shoulders to make the final decision.

The decision that you make should be wise, one that works according to the strategy that you already have and aids in the success of the product. In such a situation you will strong have to say a ‘No’ to the wrong requests made. Never regret doing so because ultimately what matters is the success of your product.

Categorize and divide the tasks: 

Your team will be aware of the stress and tension you will be undergoing. They will always be there to help you. So from the time you start working on a project make sure that the tasks are divided and given to different people working under you. Don’t take up all the tasks by yourself. Divide it among your team and make sure that the tasks are completed on time.

Maintain Health:

The nature of your job is such that you will find yourself working always. But it is necessary that you take care of your health. If you are not physically strong then your mind still be of no use to you. Take breaks whenever you feel like taking some fresh air . Ones you are physically fit you will be more productive.

So make sure that you take minimum stress and tension while you are at work and try using some of the tips mentioned above which will help you to reduce stress and tension in your career as a product manager.