How remote work impacts you as a product manager!

Recently many companies that were office-based have taken a shift to remote work. were we ready? I don’t think we were. Here’s how remote work impacts you as a product manager!

Millions of people who were earlier working from office have now taken up the same work from home. This shift to remote work consists of several challenges and calls for instant action from the leaders of these companies. Given below are some of the area’s you will have to focus as a PM when your company makes a shift to remote work:

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Usually a company hires best people in their area. But when you shift to remote work this won’t be possible. The best candidate for your company will not always be in your area. Relocating the candidate is not financially feasible.

So at such a point, it becomes necessary that you hire employees based on skills and experience and not based on location. As the product manager, identify the values and skills that your company wants to see in its employees. Make use of these criteria to find out the best candidate for your company.

Communication/ Interaction:

When your company is office based you interact with your team in person. But when to shift to remote work  your team , customers etc will be far away from you. This makes in person interactions difficult. To overcome this barrier you can collaborate with your team, customers etc using video platforms. But make sure you are always available and ready with response whenever needed. Create a proper roadmap and share it with your team mates and always  keep them updated with the progress made. This is a part of key weekly habits of great product managers!


When you work as a product manager in an office serving customers involves traveling. But when it comes to remote working , its not always possible to meet your customers in person. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to update them about your product. Use an on demand approach to reach out to your customers. Conduct tutorials to help them adopt the new functionalities.


When you sit in an office and work new ideas and innovations are  come forth from the same room. But when you and your team are working from different locations ideas and innovations comes in from different locations.  Transparency and constant communication helps in generating new ideas and plans. Schedule meetings and share knowledge regarding the progress made. This will help in carrying forward your work.

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There are multiple ways remote work impacts you as a product manager. Understanding these changes and working accordingly will help you and your team to embrace remote work more easily.

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