How Side Projects Help aspiring product managers?

Side projects are great. Google Maps and Gmail were side projects at one point of time and today are doing exceptionally well. Side projects help aspiring product managers get into product management. If you’re one of them, read on!

If you want to survive in the highly competitive tech world its necessary that you remain competitive. This is especially something you have to keep in mind if you are looking to get a job in the field of product management.

Whenever you think of taking up the job in the field of product management make sure you have prior experience in the field. That is where side projects come in.

You may often think what is that side projects actually offer you and how such projects can boost your career. Actually your prior experience in product management can surely help you when you start a career in this field.

Projects are a means to earn experience and be the best in your field. Side projects help interviewers and recruiters to identify your potential and they clearly understand that you have your own ideas and a business mind. Thus, Side Projects Help aspiring product managers directly into job.

Having a side project not just helps you to stand out from the crowd but also it gives you a lot of references and conversation points during the selection process. You will be able to answer questions asked to you in a more advanced manner because of the experience that you already have in hand.

For example, if a question is asked about your ability to maintain or prioritize multiple features in the same product you can make use of your own experience as a reference. This will help you to answer the questions shot at you more confidently.

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Having a side project doesn’t mean that you should have your own start-up. A side project can be as simple as a blog to complex projects like building your own app. There is no rule which suggests one kind of project is better or valid than the other. The main purpose of having a side project is  to showcase your :

  • Ability to take actions.
  • Ability to put together a plan.
  • Ability to complete what you have started.

By portraying these abilities the recruiter get you to know how flexible and skilled you are. Each side project actually brings a new set of skills to you. The more side projects you take up and complete the greater value your resume earns. Side projects speak a lot about you. It shows what your interests are, how you solve problems etc.

They demonstrate your interest in the field of product management and your willingness to show initiative. If you have already worked on various side products your chances of cracking the interview is also more. Taking up side projects will also help you actually understand what your role will be as a product manager.

Its actually when you start your own project and get your first user you actually understand and learn more about product management. So before you decide to take up a job in the field of product management make sure you are equipped with the relevant skills and make sure you have worked on side projects. This will truly increase your chance of landing on the product management job you prefer.

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