How To Ask For Feedback after rejection!

When you don’t get a job it’s natural that you think of getting a feedback from the company you applied for so that it helps you as an applicant to improve yourself and work more in order to prepare yourself for the future opportunities.

So when you are informed that you have been rejected for a job you applied calmly accept the fact and try figuring out what went wrong. 

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Try to contact the recruiter or hiring manager who interviewed you in LinkedIn. Once you are connected in LinkedIn you can start to chat with your recruiter and get the feedback regarding your interview:

  • Make sure to introduce yourself clearly.
  • First of all thank the recruiter for showing trust in you and considering you for this job. 
  • Next in a most polite manner  ask them for a feedback from the interview with you. 
  • Make sure not to offend the person by directly asking questions like ‘ Why did I not get the job’ or ‘Why I was no selected ?’
  • You can ask them to tell you about something that they feel you have to improve.
  • You may not receive the feedback instantly. But be patient and wait.
  • After they give you the feedback thank them and let them know that the interview was a good experience for you.
  • Let them know that you are ready to improve yourself so that you can perform well for the next interview .
  • On the basis of their reply thank them once more and end the chat.

If the recruiter is has previously shared his/her contact you can call them and follow the same steps mentioned above and get the feedback. But most of the recruiters don’t prefer you call them to get a feedback and due to the same they might not share their contact. but make sure to Ask For Feedback after rejection. this will help you improve yourself.

Apart from this you yourself can evaluate your performance once the interview process is done. After the interview just instead of leaving the premise , just sit down for 2 minutes and recall the questions that were asked to you during the interview and the responses that you gave. 

When you carefully recall and analyse the answers that you gave, it gives you an idea regarding your  overall performance during the interview.

Always keep in mind that it’s not necessarily your fault that you have not been selected for a particular job. You might have all the qualities and the requirements that is necessary for the job. but maybe another candidate added something more or extra which could have been his/ her experience or anything else. So never give up and keep on trying till you reach your goal.

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