How To excel as a Remote Product Manager?

Remote work is growing rapidly in a number of fields, especially in the field of product management. So how do you excel as a remote product manager in this competitive market?

You might often think that being a product manager remote work is not meant for you since it involves a lot of challenges. But the fact is product management can be done in a much better manner when you work remotely. 

Actually there is no much difference in what you will be doing as a product manager working in office and what you do as a remote product manager. You will have the same role as your office based counterparts.

So given below are some tips that can help you work more efficiently as a remote product manager.

 Maintain a proper schedule :

One of the important advantage of being a remote product manager is that you can work whenever you want. That is your job timings will always be flexible. But this doesn’t mean that you should postpone tasks because doing so can result a gap in production.

Being a remote product manager you should also make yourself available when the other team mates are online.

 As a PM every member of your team will be looking forward to your guidance and instructions and its necessary that you give them feedbacks on time. So instead of following the usual pattern of asynchronous communication seen in remote companies you should make sure to send feedbacks and hold video conference’s whenever necessary.


As a product manager, an important task that lies on your shoulder is to communicate clearly to your team, stakeholders as well as customers. As a remote product manager communication is very important to you. You can organize one to one interactions.

Such meetings allow you to talk with every single member of your team and get feedback from them. You should understand that as a remote product manager you will have to take extra effort to maintain a friendly relationship with your teammates.

Make use of video tools for communication:

Exchanging ideas and information through emails might not always be helpful because there are chances for plenty of loopholes. They don’t give enough room for clarifying all details and can usually end up bringing out results that are totally different from what you expect.

Video on the other hand can serve as an alternate means to the face to face meetings held in the office. Holding video conferences will be helpful to give you a clear understanding regarding the issues, doubts, etc that your teammates have.

 Establish clear review patterns:

You and your team cannot work aimlessly without a goal. It is necessary that the whole team moves forward with a common vision. For this you will have to set up review meetings to understand the progress made by your team and also to identify the risks and dangers that you might face in future.

For this  set up a defined timeline for your meetings. Decide when and how your stand up meetings will proceed. Working remotely there will be s necessity to hold review meetings constantly.

Keep your whole team updated:

Working remotely requires collective efforts. As a product manager you will be responsible for the success as well as failure of a product. So it becomes necessary that you develop a kind of desire in your team members so that they complete their work on time and even they work more efficiently to fulfill the project.

You should make them aware of the positive aspects of working remotely.  Continuously update them regarding the progress made and instruct them whenever necessary. Always acknowledge the good works done.

So if you are aiming to take up the job of a remote product manager or you already are a remote product manager make sure that you go through these tips in order to attain growth in your career. 

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