Product Managers lead cross-functional teams Post Covid-19

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‘How product managers lead cross-functional teams?’ Probably the hardest question ever asked to me!!!

As a product manager, one of the most important tasks that you have in hand is to maintain your cross gun team which has different members with different skills, but working towards a common goal.

Only if every member of the group works hard you can ensure the success of your product. Here are some great hacks that you can make use of to manage your cross-functional team perfectly.

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Define Goals Clearly:

Always make it a point to clearly define the goals and aims of the project to the team members at the very beginning. Even the most experienced team can struggle if they don’t have a clear direction which can lead them to success. Once the team understands what the goals are they can get an outline regarding what is expected of them. This will in turn help them to work with more efficiency.

Assemble the correct members in your team:

In a cross functional team, members with different skills should be included. Only then you will be able to attain the desired success. The project will give you a basic idea about the members to be included in the team. Along with this make sure that each member you include in your team has the ability to collaborate with the remaining members which can help reduce the issues or disagreements within the team.

Communication :

This is an aspect that you should give most importance to while maintaining a cross-functional team. Good communication is the cornerstone of any successful project. You should clearly be able to communicate the requirements to the members and they should be able to understand them precisely if the project has to move forward.

One of the problems with cross-functional teams is that members may not always be working together under the same roof that makes communication difficult. This can be solved if you use the right platforms like zoom, skype, etc, and constantly update your teammates regarding the progress made.

Recognize a good work done:

Whenever any member of the team efficiently and successfully completes a task be ready to recognize it. When you do so it makes them feel valued which in turn will help them to work more hard and effectively. If possible include bonuses or reward which will help boost the members and each one will strive to work with maximum energy and strength. Ultimately rewards and recognition can lead to the completion of the project more earlier then expected. The impact item is how product managers lead cross-functional teams here.

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Have a Leader:

While its not mandatory to have a leader to guide the cross functional team, the benefits that you get should surely make you think about the post of a leader. First and foremost having a leader will help you to know the progress made by everyone in the team. With a leader communication between you and the team members can be made easy.  The attention that you are not able to give to each and every member can be given by a leader. Without a leader the chances of disagreements between the members are more.

Promote the Strategy of Shared Success:

Cross functional team consists of different people having different skills and therefore different goals. In such a situation its natural that they are inclined to put in efforts and creativity on tasks assigned to them rather than contributing their ideas to the overall growth of the product. This is where you need to step in as a product manager and make the team members aware that the overall success of the project is what matters. 

Constantly Re-evaluate:

One of the greatest advantage of cross functional team is it’s flexible nature. They can adapt to changes easily. The main aim of the team is also to bring about innovation into the market.

For this, it becomes necessary to continuously re-evaluate progress and priorities. You can review the performance of everyone in the team repeatedly and understand the areas to be improved. So constantly evaluating the progress of the team and making necessary changes ensures the success of your project.

So make sure you practice these measures and ensure that each and every member puts in their maximum efforts to make the project successful.

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