Side Projects that helped get into product management career!

Side projects are the secret to land a job into product management. Start one!

If your aim is to take up the job of a product manager it is necessary that you have the relevant skills and prior experience in the field of product management. For landing as a product manager apart from educational qualifications you should also have some prior experience because it’s an experience that sets you apart from the other candidates. 

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Working on side projects will help you gain experience and give a better understanding of your role as a product manager. Side projects will also enable you to stand out from the crowd by boosting your resume. So given below are some side projects you can take up in order to pursue your career as a product manager.


If you are into blogging then having a tech blog of your own can be very useful. Write about the products you use. Try answering questions like what makes the product valuable, what are the benefits of using the product etc. Answering questions in Quora can also be helpful to you . Many founders and hiring managers rely on such sites. So if your articles are well researched maybe your chances to get hired can improve. 

Build a Product :

Create your own product. Come up with a problem you want to solve, identify what the customers would want , write user stories and build mock ups. Thereafter create a roadmap for your product. Work along with a developer and build your product. Ones done you are already close to being a product manager.  

If you already have your own product, you will be able to answer questions asked to you in a more advanced manner because of the experience that you already have in hand. For example, if a question is asked about your ability to maintain or prioritize multiple features in the same product you can make use of your own experience as a reference. This will help you to answer the questions shot at you more confidently.

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Always make it a point to search for internships and take up such opportunities. Internships can be very useful and  a relevant aspect in your Resume .Internships are chances  to get proper training on various aspects that will be important in the field of product management. Infact Internships are opportunities which helps you to understand what your duties would be when you take up the role of a product manager. So take up as many internships as possible.


Hackathons also known as hack fests or codefests , are events where software developers can come up with a MVP which is of short duration and on a relevant theme or addresses a particular problem. Hack fests are great way to boost your portfolio and you also gain experience on building products. Hack fests serve as a means to build your technical skills.

Start ups:

If you have just entered into the field of product management its difficult to directly get into the role of a product manager. So first target smaller companies or start ups because such organisations are open to take up candidates who have no prior experience.

Make use of the opportunity and work hard and take up small projects offered by such companies. Working in smaller companies demands more work time and energy but such opportunities can help you grow in your field. 

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