Why Do Engineers become Product Managers?

Are you an engineer and looking for reasons why engineers become product managers?

One of the common trends that are seen nowadays is that engineers are turning into the product managers. You may often wonder why it is so. Actually, there are several reasons why engineers switch to product management and take up the role of a product manager.

Innovation & Challenges

Engineers are tempted to take up the role of product manager’s because product management is a field filled with innovation, creativity and interaction. Its a job involving a lot of challenges and at the same time filled with fun . If you do your job well , you can learn a lot and grow as a product manager.  The skills you learn and the contacts you make will constantly ensure your success as a product manager.

If you are an Engineer excellent in coding than the job of a product manager will definitely suit you. You will easily be able work along with the engineering team because of your prior knowledge in coding.

Actually the job of a product manager involves serving the engineering team well so that they start trusting you and move in the direction you want them to move. So if you already have knowledge in what your team mates do  you can easily work along with them.

Strategic thinking

Another significant reason why engineer’s tend to turn to the field of product management is because as a product manager you get introduced to strategic thinking , market research, product design etc. These are useful skills that can help you grow in your career. Being an engineering manager requires skills like leadership, creativity etc . In order to get the job of a engineering manager you should have several years of experience ,  plus several years of experience in coding. But a product manager who has just half of this experience can flourish in the his job easily and in turn work with an engineering manager and develop great products.

Engineers at times may feel they don’t have the authority and influence which a product manager has and their only job is to work as instructed. Such a feeling can cause them to breakdown mentally which can in turn effect their work. They start making codes without caring for creativity. All this together can make them decide to take up the job as a product manager . In a way shifting to a product management industry is easy for engineers because they already have worked in a product company and have good technical skills.

Customer Interaction

Many Engineers realize that they are interested in interacting with the customers , developers etc and getting feedbacks from them. Their interest changes to a commercial level where customers receive the most importance. Nevertheless the job of a product manager is as demanding as that of an engineer. Depending on the country its often a product manager that end up earning more than an engineer.

So  there are several reasons why engineers take up the role of a product manager . Sometimes it’s because of the money or sometimes because of the authority and influence you get. But sometimes is just about finding a role which makes you the most  happy and comfortable. But before taking up the role of a product manager be sure what your role will be. This is what you will do as a product manager. So always be prepared to take up such responsibilities and then move forward towards your goal.

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